Swiss Alps

Winter in St. Moritz, Switzerland, Center of Jet Set People, Tourism and Private Banking, also called the ""Monaco of the Alps""

Swiss Alps

-Is this the first time you travel with your family?- I ask him while we head back to the hotel-.
The others are half asleep on the mini bus and Alber has come to sit next to me. He continues to be over the top, happy and full of energy.

-My parents have always traveled alone-says Alber- they have been to many different places and they love Europe. This year I graduated from anthropology and they wanted to give me a special gift.

I think they accomplished it: his family, cousins and uncles have come all the way from Belize to the Alps region to enjoy a completely different place. A place where small villages and cities are in the middle of mountains, lakes and dreams.

Sport related dreams in this case. We have just arrived to St Moritz, where the Winter Olympics have been held twice.

Alber’s grandfather jumps up suddenly and is astonished looking through the window: Wow, incredible! What a beautiful place! I want to ski here!

That night for dinner, I have a surprise for them: the widely famous Swiss raclette, where everyone melts its own cheese with a side of potatoes. Yum, delicious!

We sleep like logs and we wake up and start the day with some stretching and yoga exercises while the sun rises. Mark wants a Muesli breakfast and gets his grandfather to try it for the first time. And now…to ski!

Even I am nervous. How exciting, the first time they put on skis-Whoa, what long legs…How does this legs work? -says Alber- “Alber, come on don’t be a scaredy-cat, follow your grandfather” -I tell him-.

Hans, the ski instructor and the others all laugh out loud. For sure it will be a very fun day. They first learn to snow plough. Hans tells them: PIZZA! PIZZA!, when they get up to speed and then slow down, their skis make the shape of a slice of pizza.

-Everything aches, but it has been amazing! – says Alber’s sister. She is the youngest but she takes after her grandfather’s gallantry and leads them all on the slopes. The others prefer to enjoy the views and sit on a terrace, sun bathe and try the local apple juice, very famous in this region.

On the following day, nobody wants to leave St Moritz, but their eyes widen again as we make a stop for them to take pictures at Innsbruck. The city is in the valley, the sky is blue and we are surrounded by white mountains.

Another stop is approaching, this time food related and we head on towards Garmish-Partenkirchen, where a dish of Schnitzel is waiting for us and for dessert the well-known Apfel Strudel.

The last night instead of sleeping at a hotel we go somewhere different: a cabin in the middle of the mountains very close to Zugspite, the highest mountain in Germany.

It is a unique accommodation called Hütte with many rooms, common areas and a kitchen.

We are lucky to have a very special guest, who is going to show us how to cook Tyrolian dishes.

In the morning I say good bye to this super family and I encourage Alber to start a blog about all the people he has met in this trip, their lifestyle and culture. If he does, we can always ask him to send us a post and share it on our blog for Bracap ;)

Judit Tasies

Nómada, enamorada de viajar.

Judit Tasies

Dicen que nunca es tarde y así es: Durante mi infancia nunca había viajado fuera de España.
Ahora hace diez años que me convertí en medio “Nómada”. Enamorada de viajar, de conocer gente maravillosa por el mundo y de escuchar sus historias. Cada vez que planeo un nuevo viaje no puedo evitar sonreír y sentir una felicidad enorme.
Una pasión compartida por muchos de nosotros que es contagiosa y que crea adición.