In Beer garden - female friends in Tracht, and Dirndl drinking a fresh beer and eating pretzel in Bavaria, Germany


I order a coffee while I wait at the Airport of Munich. The flight has been delayed and after 2 long hours waiting finally… they arrive! As soon as the plane lands I stand up and go and wait for them at the arrivals hall. A while later, and just before the doors open I hear loud voices and I can’t help but wonder…will these be our girls? … Yes, there they are, laughing and happy to be here.

They are a female soccer team that plays in Cartagena in Colombia. For this reason I am wearing the Munich 1860 team shirt.

I go on my tippy toes and wave my hands so they can see me.

-Hey! I am over here, I am Judit! – I tell them smiling.

– There she is, that is the nice girl that called us! … Judit … Juuuudit! – They all shout at once.

I laugh while I introduce myself and they ask me all at once a million questions. I think to myself that these will be some fun days ahead.

We go on the mini bus and I can see that the girls are starving so we make an improvised stop.

– Girls, in order to have lots of energy we will make a short stop on the road so you can taste a true Bavarian breakfast: a delicious Weiβwurst with sweet mustard, pretzel and beer.

– Chevere! If I do not eat something I will faint – Andrea says

– That will never happen, you are always eating. –says her teammate while the others are cracking up

After filling the gas tank they tell me they already feel like at in Germany and they suggest postponing the check in and go directly to the Oktoberfest, the festival known worldwide as the beer feast.

– Oscar, let’s change the route! Drive straight to Theresienwiese.

– Ok boss! – he says while he looks for a roundabout to change the direction.

Once there, we can smell the food from the little kiosks, we can hear the music from the attractions, and see the colours of the typical Bavarian clothes worn by children, young and older people.

They are fascinated as soon as they enter one of the huge beer tents and see the ceiling all painted in a sky-blue colour. A music band is playing live and everybody is having a beer in 1 litter jugs. They are all drinking beer on top of benches with one foot on the table while they dance and toast. We join them!

On the following day we do a route along the lakes that surround Munich and at night we go watch the game at the Munich 1860 soccer stadium.

We won! Although their surprise came at the end of the game when they have 15 minutes to talk to the players. They are thrilled to have us and they all exchange autographs.

– This was amazing! Really cool! Judit, we don’t want to leave.

– Well, more adventures are awaiting us in Austria! Don’t forget that we are going on a three day hike!

On the following day we go out running along the Isar River while we do small stops to explain the city.

That afternoon Oscar is taking us to Salzburg, where Fernandine will be waiting for us, a German guy who learned Spanish in Colombia and who can’t wait to meet them!

Judit Tasies

Nómada, enamorada de viajar.

Judit Tasies

Dicen que nunca es tarde y así es: Durante mi infancia nunca había viajado fuera de España.
Ahora hace diez años que me convertí en medio “Nómada”. Enamorada de viajar, de conocer gente maravillosa por el mundo y de escuchar sus historias. Cada vez que planeo un nuevo viaje no puedo evitar sonreír y sentir una felicidad enorme.
Una pasión compartida por muchos de nosotros que es contagiosa y que crea adición.