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Photo: Silvia Ragel

-Look, look! No hands!- says Alexander with a smile on his face.

-If you fall into the canal we will all be laughing for the rest of the trip. You know that, right? –says Julie.

-I think I will risk it…Judit, I dare you! – He says while he winks at me.

I remember Alexander’s phone call, he was very clear that they wanted to do a bike tour.

-Yes, sure. No problem! It will be a lot of fun!

María at the office was looking at me and not believing it. She waits for me to hang up and says:

-Judit, are you serious? You don’t know how to ride a bicycle!

-Of course I was being serious. They have the intention of flying to Amsterdam in one month. That is more than enough time for me to learn. I will buy a used bicycle and start right away.

That same day María and I start to program the trip to take them to the most amazing sites in Holland. There are many places close to the capital that can make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. Here are a few of our favorite ones:

I understand that they are also cheese lovers so we cannot miss this place. We make a food related stop in Waagplain in Alkmaar where every Friday since 1365 a cheese market is held. And they are delicious!

A mosaic of a thousand colors, just as it sounds: incredible, beautiful, they will loooove it! It is one of the largest flower gardens in the World with over 800 varieties of tulips. María suggests making the visit coincide with one of the flower shows that takes place from time to time in the Orange Nassau Pavilion. I think it is a fantastic idea!

“If anyone wants to see the most beautiful place in Holland they must go visit Volendam”
According to a legend, the shield of Volendam pays tribute to the beauty of the local girls, but that is not the only reason to visit this town. It is one of our favorite places to get lost in its narrow streets, walk along the seaport surrounded by small houses and visit the town center.


We take Alexander and his friends on a trip to the 17th and 18th centuries. This place is known for their wind mills and its colored wooden houses. Walking you can feel a piece of Holland’s history has been written here. Plus, three of its wind mills can be visited!

We leave the office.

-The list could be endless…I love Holland!- I tell María

-Doesn’t it feel like you are in a dream to plan all the trips? – She says

-We dream and make dreams. Although, the best part for me is when they come true …

-Exactly! By the way, I left my bicycle near the office. We can start practicing right now. Shall we go towards Barceloneta have a coffee and I teach you? – She suggests.


Judit Tasies

Nómada, enamorada de viajar.

Judit Tasies

Dicen que nunca es tarde y así es: Durante mi infancia nunca había viajado fuera de España.
Ahora hace diez años que me convertí en medio “Nómada”. Enamorada de viajar, de conocer gente maravillosa por el mundo y de escuchar sus historias. Cada vez que planeo un nuevo viaje no puedo evitar sonreír y sentir una felicidad enorme.
Una pasión compartida por muchos de nosotros que es contagiosa y que crea adición.