Girona 2


Photo: Sara Ferran

– You are messing with me, I know – Sara tells me.

– No, I am being serious. It may seem crazy. I know I have traveled to many places but this will be my very first time in Girona.

– Can I come with you? Ever since I saw the sixth season of Game of Thrones, I want to go there again.

– Of course you can no need to ask. – I tell her with a big smile on my face- It seems you are not the only fan of the show. That is the same reason the group of students are going to visit Girona during the month of May. We will also make it coincide with the flower festival. That time of year Girona is so colorful, it will be beautiful!

I wake up very happy and ready to explore an unknown place for me, Girona.
I pick up Sara and we spend the whole trip talking about its over 2000 years of history: the medieval expansion, the Jewish quarter, the cathedral and a million more places … the best part: being surrounded by nature!

– I can’t wait to get there.

Sara doesn’t know, but I have a surprise for her; while we have coffee with carquinyolis from Olot, a tall man with a beard comes towards us.

– Sara and Judit, right? Are you ready?

– Always. Sara, this is Antoni, an expert in History and also a Game of Thrones fan. It is our turn to be on the other side of the stage. He will be our guide!

Photo: Sara Ferran

After the tour we are starving and anxious to try some traditional food that Antoni has recommended: Balig cod and trinxat. Delicious!

Sara goes back home and I stay for the week and explore Girona and its surroundings talking to locals that have lived their entire life in this small big city.

– Girona seduces me – Josep a 68 year old neighbor tells me while we sit on a bench watching Sardanas

– Do you see the woman with grayish hair and a cream colored shirt? We met right here, dancing sardanas and from that day I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her here in Girona. Maybe I have not traveled much but I have met many travelers from many places.

– And you don’t feel an urge for traveling?

– Judit, everybody is different. You love to travel and discover experiences in other countries and we love to show this beautiful city. Rosa and I have a small hotel of 20 rooms and every day we travel through their eyes and their stories.

Josep talks of his city with a lot of love. That same day we receive an email from our student group from Finland. I smile and think out loud. They will fall in love with Girona!

Photo: Lluis Capdevila

Judit Tasies

A nomad, who loves to travel

Judit Tasies

They say it is never late and that is how it is: during my childhood I never traveled outside of Spain.

About 10 years ago I turned into a sort of nomad. I love to travel, meet wonderful people around the world and listen to their stories.
Every time I plan a trip I cannot help smile and feel a huge happiness.
A passion shared with others which is contagious and causes addiction.