Feria de Abril. Seville

feria de abril

Feria de Abril. Sevilla

I get to Bracap and I go straight to Sara’s desk.

– Guess who I was talking to last night?

– Judit, I still don’t have super powers -she tells me with a half-smile-.

– Do you remember a group of girls from the Samba School Bahia from Rio de Janeiro? Last year they did a tour around Andalusia and I was with them in Sevilla for the Feria de Abril.

You won’t believe it but one of the girls, Tereza, is in Spain again and she would like to see us. Yesterday she sent us this message:

“When shall we meet? I arrived yesterday to Sevilla and I will take advantage these days to spend more time in the casetas and learning how to dance sevillanas with the locals and … with José! … Yes, José, the dance instructor that gave us a sevillanas course when were here.

The day I got back to Rio de Janeiro I received a WhatsApp from José and my heart jumped.
I remember something you said: “there are trains in life that only pass by once and you are the one that decides whether to get on it or not”.

Sara could not stop smiling while she read the message, she enjoys love stories, the truth is I do too!

– Sara, Sevilla is incredible! I am absolutely in love with the city, its people and its colors. Tomorrow is the first day of the Feria and people go out for fried fish and at midnight…BINGO! A thousand lights are turned on to indicate the starting of the Feria de Abril.

From Monday to Thursday the feria is for the locals and the weekend is when people from all around come. I look at Sara with a scheming face and I tell her:

– I suggest a plan: a city break in Seville! We could meet Tereza this Friday at the Infierno street where all the attractions are and then go to the concerts held at the venue. In the Remedios neighborhood, there is an amazing atmosphere where everybody is having fine wine or rebujito.

We could turn it into a gastronomic route with traditional Spanish dishes such as gazpacho andaluz, stew, prawn omelet and fritters. Plus, I know this place in the center of the city where they prepare these delicious eggs a la andaluza, exactly like the ones my grandma used to cook. You would love them.

On the last day there are fireworks and after that we could leave for Barcelona. Maybe it’s a crazy idea but, what do you say? Shall we?

– Shall we?…call Tereza immediately! Next stop: Feria de Sevilla.

Judit Tasies

Nómada, enamorada de viajar.

Judit Tasies

Dicen que nunca es tarde y así es: Durante mi infancia nunca había viajado fuera de España.
Ahora hace diez años que me convertí en medio “Nómada”. Enamorada de viajar, de conocer gente maravillosa por el mundo y de escuchar sus historias. Cada vez que planeo un nuevo viaje no puedo evitar sonreír y sentir una felicidad enorme.
Una pasión compartida por muchos de nosotros que es contagiosa y que crea adición.