24 August, 2017


Photo: Pere Amoros The funniest part: they do not know each other! They have been in contact through a website where you search for travel companions and they decided to come to Norway all together. Madness, but we love the idea! -Good ...

11 July, 2017


Photo: Silvia Ragel -Yes, they want to come to Catalonia, they arrive in the beginning of October and this is the budget per person. They don’t want to know anything of the trip’s itinerary, only the day and time of arrival and ...

23 June, 2017


Photo: Quim Capdevila – Thanks so much for arranging everything! At least we can return the money to our client who has canceled the rest of his trip due to a period of unconsciousness and has had to go back to his city of origin ...

25 May, 2017

Castles of the
Loire Valley

-Now, we are the kids-Sofía replies while they all laugh. We just arrive in the city of Nantes. They have had a very long flight, and I guess they would want to rest…No! They want to have a coffee and start the route. Wow! They are ...

16 May, 2017

and its restaurants

Photo: Silvia Ragel About two months ago James sent us this message: – Good morning Bracap. My name is James and I am the director of a travel agency in Toronto. We would like to broaden our destinations and we have decided for ...

2 May, 2017


Photo: Sara Ferran – No, I am being serious. It may seem crazy. I know I have traveled to many places but this will be my very first time in Girona. – Can I come with you? Ever since I saw the sixth season of Game of ...

4 April, 2017


Photo: Silvia Ragel -If you fall into the canal we will all be laughing for the rest of the trip. You know that, right? –says Julie. -I think I will risk it…Judit, I dare you! – He says while he winks at me. I remember ...

21 March, 2017

Swiss Alps

-My parents have always traveled alone-says Alber- they have been to many different places and they love Europe. This year I graduated from anthropology and they wanted to give me a special gift. I think they accomplished it: his ...

7 March, 2017

Feria de Abril. Seville

– Guess who I was talking to last night? – Judit, I still don’t have super powers -she tells me with a half-smile-. – Do you remember a group of girls from the Samba School Bahia from Rio de Janeiro? Last year they ...

10 January, 2017

Carnivals in Europe

– Good afternoon, my name is Rosthman and I am calling from Malaysia. This might be a bit complicated but a group of friends and I have a crazy last minute idea. We would like to experience the different Carnivals across Europe. ...

6 December, 2016

Christmas Markets in Germany

What if we find a good excuse for traveling all together? – I told my college friends. We finally decided to sign up for an intensive German course and at the same time visit the Christmas markets in Munich. Order food from the stands ...

25 October, 2016


They are a female soccer team that plays in Cartagena in Colombia. For this reason I am wearing the Munich 1860 team shirt. I go on my tippy toes and wave my hands so they can see me. -Hey! I am over here, I am Judit! – I tell them ...

Judit tasies

Nómada, enamorada de viajar.

Judit Tasies

Dicen que nunca es tarde y así es: Durante mi infancia nunca había viajado fuera de España.
Ahora hace diez años que me convertí en medio “Nómada”. Enamorada de viajar, de conocer gente maravillosa por el mundo y de escuchar sus historias. Cada vez que planeo un nuevo viaje no puedo evitar sonreír y sentir una felicidad enorme.
Una pasión compartida por muchos de nosotros que es contagiosa y que crea adición.


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Lluis Capdevila


Lluis Capdevila

I am interested in feelings, emotions, senses. I studied professionally in the international photography school GrisArt and I now have more means to get a photography to express what I feel in that precise moment and making that feeling trespass the coldness of the camera into the image. My job related to IT projects, gives me fluency in organizational matters, deliveries, responsibility, efficiency, team work and to give a high performance under pressure. Visit me on www.lct72.com

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Silvia Ragel


Silvia Ragel

I'm a photographer and mixed media artist from Barcelona that have lived and worked in UK and Australia. I am passionate about photography to the point that it has become a bit of an obsession! I take pictures every day, some will become nice photo graphs others are just part of my "visual sketch book" were I keep little inspiring images. Traveling around the world stimulates my creative vibes and urges me to take photographs and share the moment with everybody. Would you like to travel with me? Join me in @silviaragel or www.silviaragel.co.uk

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